Flavor Description


Food Pairing


Fontana Candida - Frascati Wine


A light, tasty wine with a dry, crisp finish that's built on a zesty citrus backbone


Salads; light appetizers; lightly seasoned chicken, fish or veal; pasta, fish or chicken in light sauces; vegetarian dishes; mild cheeses


Pinot Grigio
Fontana Candida - Pinot Grigio Wine


Lush and full-bodied with a light, fruity aroma and crisp, refreshing taste


Light appetizers; lightly seasoned chicken and seafood; pasta with cream sauces; mild cheeses; prosciutto-wrapped melon


Fontana Candida - Orvieto Wine


Dry and intriguing with a delicate bouquet and fresh captivating taste of orange, lemon, kiwi, melon and almond


Salads; cold appetizers; full-flavored pasta dishes; lightly seasoned chicken and fish; seafood, chicken and fish in light sauces; herbed and mild cheeses

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